Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the miracle of life

it was a
picture perfect
autumn day
i was walking across the ohio state campus
noticing the beauty of the
colorful fall leaves swirling about
it was a thursday in two thousand seven
november eighth as i recall
i had been in a meeting all afternoon
now i was preparing for a group of
friends to meet me in town
a girls weekend had been planned
as i got further from the crowd
i could hear my cell phone alarm
a message was waiting
from my father
my mother had fallen in a parking lot
and had been rushed to the hospital
thanks to the quick actions of a stranger
she had a massive brain bleed
and there was nothing that
could immediately be done
because of the blood thinner she
takes for her heart
i better come quickly
he stoically advised
the first twenty four hours are
the most telling
i dropped off the weekends
football tickets to my son's dorm
then drove across the state
not sure what i'd find
as i walked into her room
i didn't need a doctor to explain
her life was in danger
it was truly in god's hands
for days
she laid in the icu
the marvels of medicine
had somehow kept her alive
an empty shell she was it seemed
my face she didn't recognize
she was transferred to a rehabilitation center
where they worked to give her hope
at first it was the basics
her name, the day of week
then slowly they moved her out of the bed
a walker above her feet
for hours and hours they worked for days
my father by her side
he cut her food and fed her bites
until her strength returned
one hundred days is all you get
the medicare directives say
then home you must go
she wasn't quite ready
i was afraid for my dad as i'm an hour away
but home she did come
with many modifications and assists
it was nearly a full year
that my dad cared for her
much like a babe
then slowly we saw progress was being made
i never would have imagined
in two thousand ten
she would be standing
at the top of our steps
a full thirteen count
next to her grandson
on his graduation day
a miracle indeed
the therapy often had her
writing him letters
the first batch is barely legible
still he saved every one
as a reminder
i suppose
of this miracle of life
we are mightily thankful
and very truly blessed


Kelly Ann said...

I'm catching up on my blogs and now I"m crying like a baby...I love stories that make me cry in a good way....

Adelaide Dupont said...


Great to know TJ was involved in his grandma's recovery.