Thursday, June 10, 2010

first quilt, first born

i started quilting
to pass the time
while i was in college
it was 1978 to be exact
general hospital was the main event
it had taken over the dorm
we scheduled classes
around it's viewing time
luke and laura were about to be married
for the first time
the tv lounge was standing room only
i never was one to just sit
so i searched
for a pattern to complete by hand
a paper pieced
grandmother's flower garden
was suggested by my favorite quilt store owner
funny how those little hexagons
are back once again in 2010
i chose a black background fabric
with rose and blue flowers
i kept the project going throughout my college years
packing it up
the day i graduated
with it carried
memories for a lifetime
finally i finished sewing the binding
a year or so later
neatly folded it into a square
and closed it in a suitcase
until 1988
exactly ten years after it's inception
when i pulled it out
shortly after my first born arrived
i spread it about
and watched with delight
as he played
he loved the softness
and the texture
he was gentle with it
as though he understood the
work of my hands
the love of each stitch
we still share that bond
an unwritten code
he often calls when i'm thinking of him
when i need
the sound of his voice
it's hard to
imagine where the years have gone
this week
from college
he will graduate
with his
own memories for a lifetime
this mom could not be prouder
tj a job well done my son

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