Friday, June 25, 2010

stir crazy

i woke up early
this morning
feeling euphoric...

i was to meet the landlord
to sign the lease
for the new quilt store
by early afternoon
the negotiations
were heading south
like deep, deep south
in the tanker
i left to get my hair done
brassy red
fitting for the day
i went back
ready to pull out
of the entire building
including our other business
which has been addressed there
for thirteen years
my husband offered
to take me to dinner
we ended up at
i love scooping fresh vegetables
then watching them saute
in the wok
therapeutic in a creative food kind of way
just the energy i needed
to head back for round two
we picked up painting
she picked up snow plowing
rent sealed until 2013
deal done
time to dig in
to the old fashioned fudge
we impulsively purchased
hmm...crazy and rocky
describes the day perfectly
thanks for the date honey
i love u

1 comment:

catherine said...

You got me at hello. Has the full mooned helped?