Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day

there was a mother/daughter
look alike contest
in the newspaper today
i would not have thought to enter
as i don't think we look alike
until i went digging for a photo
guess i was wrong
this picture
circa 1978
i can tell by the glasses
and the hairdos
it was my senior year of high school
and i was sewing
for both my mom and me
both our tops in this photo
i stitched up
you might ask why i was sewing for my mom
she didn't sew
at all
most people are shocked when i say that
how ever did i learn then
by her support
for years she drove me to the fabric stores
in canton, ohio
so-fro fabrics at 30th street plaza
and schoolhouse quilts on hills and dales
were my two favorites
she would come in as a chaperone when
i was just starting out
at eight and nine
then as i got older she would stay in the car
or walk down to the stationary store
looking back
i find that especially amazing
i think it's probably easier
to support your daughter's love of fabric
when you already have a stash in the house
i truly would not be where i am today
without her support
thank you mom
i love you
happy mother's day

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