Monday, May 10, 2010

do not try this at night...

i have found...
there are some tasks
that must wait...
until the rise of the sun
such as
which had my eyes
as i was trying to line up the many
diagonal cuts and
intersecting points
it's a stunner though
now complete
a perfect backdrop
for the jellen's house of fabric


Sarah Marie said...

That is so beautiful! You have so much talent...

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce,
I was just on "Cluck Cluck Sew", reading the comments about LQSs...You said you were opening a new shop.
I'm in Calif, so can only tell you about our area.
I worked at a LQS, and when I 1st started there I had to work weekends. This was truly THE busiest times of the week, and probaly the worst customer service.
I coudn't wait to get off weekends,and work with the nicer ladies! lol...
Most of the weekend clerks had "real" jobs during the week, so maybe that accounted for thier crabbyness, I dunno. I do know I was so tired of trying to "make up" for the bad service a customer had during the cutting process ( I was cashier)
The weekend ladies had foul, loud mouths, and talked about the customers while they were still in the shop ( a BIG no no)...
Your eyes are probably really big right now eh? lol...shocking, I know. Going to the owner wouldn't of helped as she mostly did quilt shows, then hid in her office.
I always bent over backwards to make sure a customer was happy, the weekday ladies did also.
Iam surprized by the many comments about crabby OLD ladies in the LQS, geez! With internet compitition, I'd think shops would be nicer!
Aound here we have 4 LQS, and all the workers are very nice. I've traveled a bit in our state, and not found a crabby shop so far...
I'd say for your shop, just make sure every customer gets a "hello" when they walk in, that really makes a difference!
Oh, and I just don't get why some shops have thier fat quarters at 2.75$. It can't be for the "labor" cause we HAD to fold/label fat quarters when we were not serving customers, so we were paid anyway...I won't buy at that price, I just get 1/2 yard if I really like it, or pass up the fat quarter.
Sales are really good for bringing in the customers. When the LQS I worked at had a sale, the line wrapped around the shop.
With internet compitition, poor service, and more shops opening, the place I worked at eventually went downhill and closed.
Oh and your employees shouldn't sit around eating, looks bad...Can't think of much more, I wish you nothing but the BEST in your new endevour!
Gael (