Monday, May 31, 2010

bar harbor stars for america...

today as we celebrate the
dedication and sacrifices of
those who so proudly...
protect our freedom
i'd like to share
found one evening while blogging
it was creatively stitched by
crystal of
frivolous necessity
which she puts as the return address
on the envelope
which i had delivered to my
husband's office
imagine his disappointment
smile honey
when i unfolded this
red, white and blue quilt beauty
the minute i saw it
i knew it would be a great display for our annual
event which will likely move to the store
next year
love this etsy concept
i also appreciate
that crystal is a pet free, smoke free artist
it's the only reason
i purchased from her truthfully
now that i've seen her work
it's an even better incentive to keep
watching her blog
gotta be quick though
her last feature was gone before
i could click on over to her store
happy memorial day everyone

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