Thursday, April 1, 2010

glass thimble

if one is patient
the rewards
in life are priceless...
back in 1982
while working on a masters in social work
i often came to this store
to purchase fabric
to take with me to my job
as a midnight to 8am case manager
at the battered women's shelter in columbus
quilting kept my hands and mind occupied
while waiting for the next call to come
in the middle of the night
from a terrified woman
seeking refuge and safety
i found on more than one occasion
that once she arrived
my fabric served as a distraction
to the evil lurking in her life
i began to teach a stitching class during the day
to give the women pained by violence
an outlet
for peaceful thought
and now
here i stand with my daughter
in the same glass thimble
working to share the same sewing skills
with her
for the very same reason...
peaceful thought

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