Friday, April 23, 2010


everyone in life
a cheering section
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a fan club
or even a group of people
who sings your praise
who supports your passions
someone who reminds you that you are
i am lucky enough to have such friends
and lately one has been emailing me
she loves the concept of the quilt store
how i have tied it all together
with sarah
but in your history
you missed
a major component of who you are
she wrote
then on tuesday
i posted a picture of tj sewing
and when she blew up the photo
there it was
the story board from bedazzled
she wrote again
joyce, you must show us that collage
please talk about your years as
a development officer and
how you included your talents as a seamstress
in each event
while raising millions of dollars
for the good of cleveland
ok so there you have it
a story of one event
for the cleveland institute of music
and one custom ensemble
which i was still hemming
as my husband drove to the event

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