Wednesday, April 7, 2010

calico cupboard

in our quest to discover
quilt shops
in central ohio...
...we hopped on I-270 from grove city
heading east
way east to a place called pataskala
the further we drove
the more i wondered
if we truly needed to go this far
we finally arrived
at the rural shopping center
a charming collection
displayed in crisp white shelving
just like our plans
the store helper seemed friendly
we shared typical quilt store chit-chat
then she told me she is retired
from the
state office of mr/dd
where she started her career in
one of ohio's
former institutions
for the mentally challenged
a place where
some would have wanted to put my sarah
not that long ago
i can't imagine that
i told her what the services
were like today with the cuts in funding
and that sarah and i are opening
a quilt store in cleveland
to create an opportunity
for her and her friends
she told me of another mom
in southern ohio doing the same
for her son with Down syndrome
by opening a small machine shop
i felt empowered by that
knowing i'm not alone in this
as sarah ages out of the school system
while we were chatting
sarah went to look for fabric
she picked a red and a blue
for her stampin' for america project
we talked of using fabric this year
her selections were right on
and one I did not recognize
it is by cheri strole
i'm so glad we made that drive
to pataskala

1 comment:

Cara said...

Sounds like you have a good plan!
I used that dino skin for a quilt I made my nephew. It was adorable.