Monday, September 2, 2013

on a mission...

simply the most
perfect title
for this journey...
we are on
it is a mission indeed
 it's humbling
 yet so gratifying
 to see our story
 in full color and print
 in the prestigious
better homes & gardens
quilt sampler
 definitely a
dream come true
and such a wonderful
opportunity to
spread the love
as i'm quoted
in the closing paragraph
our business has never been
 about selling fabric
it's about human connections
making a difference
 to others
for others
and with others
it's about being a
gathering place
for creative souls
to share
whether that be
pain and sorrow
or happiness
and triumph
or simply celebrating
down syndrome
grateful beyond words


debbie @ happy little cottage said...

How wonderful!! I am so happy your cute little shop is getting the recognition it deserves!! xoxo

JEllen said...

Thank you Debbie. I hope you spotted your darling creations in the photo!!