Sunday, September 8, 2013

blueprints and wood planks...

i've been up to
my eyeballs
which reminds...
 i need to make
an appointment
for new glasses
but that's off topic
with blueprints
kitchen plans
wood planks
paint chips
laminate samples
shower stalls
toilets and sinks
even window details
i'd forgotten just how
time consuming
building a house can be
finding the perfect balance
of the hot new trends
with the already existing
as well as
anticipating potential
resale value
add an additional
 to the mix
and the time grows
but then
 so do the rewards
 by this picture
perfectly timed
by our higher power
 to be taken
on grandparent's day
the multigenerational trio
standing together
for the first time
in their new home
i would be
remiss if not mentioning
that we have been told
on numerous occasions
that both my mother and sarah
would likely not make
it through the night
due to brain injuries,
heart conditions
severe respiratory distress
and look at them now
plotting mischief
behind two by fours
feeling very grateful

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