Monday, April 1, 2013

this side of the aquarium...

one of our
favorite easter
. the year
our precious sarah
the easter bunny
travels in a big white limo
we've never had
the courage to tell her
that only happens
when he is visiting
sick kiddos
she was a patient that year
another respiratory crisis
followed by pnuemonia
i just happened to
be pushing her
in a wheelchair
down by the lobby when
the charming scene
i've never forgotten
 all those times
we spent on the floor
of the cleveland clinic children's hospital
i was always so touched
by the various gifts
delivered by volunteers
that's why our delivery
of more than one hundred pillowcases
feels so extra special good
i know there are parents
who are hurting right now
 it is a terrible
feeling to watch
 your child suffer
in a hospital bed
those thoughts were confirmed
as we walked about yesterday
words do not need
 to be exchanged
just eye contact
is enough
followed by the slight smile
when they realize
our girl has done something
special for them
in loving memory of her
friend kristen kirton
i am so very grateful that
we have been given the
to return to the peds floor
and be on this side
of the aquarium

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