Wednesday, March 27, 2013

our quilt healer...

this photo
is making
it's way...
...around the world
 on facebook
as part of the
"i am" campaign
by the idsc
as of this moment
it has been shared
 more than 290 times
it has over 2,300 likes
and more than
in several languages
it's impact is far reaching
the irony
of this photo
of that green dress
of that day
is this...
the last time it was posted
in cyberspace
it created a firestorm
of anger
of resentment
of a venomously hateful tirade
and it shut me down for
days, weeks even
and then
 i started
a new beginning
with wobbly legs
  yet just like a newborn foal
i started to stand up
for myself
for my family
for sarah
and slowly yet
very deliberately
i found new footing
on more solid ground
and soon
life took an amazing turn
one that was so
divinely lead
there were days it felt
greater than award winning fiction
i realized a path
had been created
for us
our purpose
 was taking shape
and i started to see the fruits
of our hard work
our belief in something
a higher power
was confirmed
i am humbled
that our story
is making such a
difference for others
there is no irony that the
message is this
all life is precious
indeed it is

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