Saturday, March 2, 2013

it's all coming together...

just a few
 weeks ago
i wrote about...
 my fifty third birthday
twenty thirteen
was going to be the year
i was so looking forward to
for the first time in
my life
i feel like i am
beginning to see
how life all
comes together
how cleansing your heart
 makes room
for so much more
and that
 believing in myself
believing in others
believing in miracles
just believing
was allowing a
 beautiful synergy
and creating an atmosphere
for humbled greatness
the first of which
 is now in print
to read more

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Joyce said...

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Melanie Lindsay That is so very cool!!!

Saturday at 11:33am

Melissa Svoboda Moos So cool!

Saturday at 11:39am via mobile

DeanandCarrie Barlow Ormsby I don't think we could possibly count the many lives you two have touched and changed us for the better.

Saturday at 11:46am

Amy Williams Peterson So awesome!

Saturday at 11:56am via mobile

Kristin Anderson Awesome!!!

Saturday at 11:57am

Marci Hermelin Leavitt Love!!

Saturday at 12:08pm

Pauline Holton High Five to You!!! Thanks Love it!!!

Saturday at 12:27pm

Susan Simmons That's wonderful!!

Saturday at 12:38pm

Debbie Schreiber Wow!! How awesome!!

Saturday at 12:43pm

Jaime Vanchura Just think what God is writing about you . Wow! What an honor!

Saturday at 12:44pm

Jean Frazier Congratulations

Saturday at 12:44pm

Denise Butler Vollmer How wonderful is that!!!

Saturday at 12:48pm

Lisa Lambert Nicholson How exciting- so proud of you two!

Saturday at 1:01pm

Kathy Walton I always thought you would do great things from our younger years at Glenoak Alumnus... Congrats!!!!

Saturday at 2:07pm

Marcia Lubeach SO cool!! What is the title of the book?

Saturday at 5:11pm

Karen Knaps Cockerham Awesome!! And beautiful.

Saturday at 6:06pm

Stephanie Kaczmarzyk Today,book credits... tomorrow movie credits! With Sarah who knows!!!! But whatever it is , it will be great! And don't forget roll model to many!!

Yesterday at 7:09am

Dave Rossy Joyce.....God made a very special person when he made you !!

20 hours ago

Karin Stewart You have touched the lives of so many, Joyce! Including mine