Sunday, April 21, 2013

columbus creativity...

i've been fortunate
to have an
extra corner...
...for creativity
in columbus
it was decked
in scarlet and gray
a homage to the home team
i used to come down
then we opened
 the quilt shop
and my time became
less free
yet so much more
there were signs
gentle nudges
followed by thunder claps
 to the ears
that told us the time
 had come
to let someone else
enjoy the surroundings
i believe we were
to a higher calling
for today we entered
into a contract
less then twenty four hours
on the market
divinely lead
no doubt
i'm sure
as i gather
 my sewing machine
stamps and crafts
it will be hard to say
they're never easy
but i shall be ready
to prepare for our
next chapter

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