Friday, July 27, 2012

there are witches in the air...

i don't often
post pics
on this blog...

...of the displays
in the store
because usually
there are no creations
to display
of my own work
we just finished this
halloween set up today
and up on that wall
to the right
the lower hexagon
completely stitched by me
the other items
by my friends crystal and helen
don't you love
 the inclusion of
purple in halloween
i sure do

Thursday, July 26, 2012

peace, love & happiness...

if ever i've
the validity...

of a grand master plan
the perfection
showed me otherwise
the mere hands of man
could never have
what i witnessed
what i felt
the manner in which
twenty seven years of life
played out
the script was better
than anything
i could have written
the wonderment
the healing
the thankfulness
shall never be taken for granted
i am humbly grateful
and most excited
 for the future

Saturday, July 21, 2012

celebrating family...

the beauty
the evening...

...can't be defined
 in just a few words
being with family
celebrating love
being witness to our creator's
master plan
is a great evening indeed
congratulations to
christy & abel
new husband and wife

Friday, July 20, 2012

in kristen's memory...

this day
will always
be etched...
. our mind
july 20th is the day
the kirton's lost their
beloved kristen
the day they held her
 in their arms
as she took her last breath
the day her siblings
had been dreading
yet they knew
was inevitable
so they selflessly
moved their wedding days
on a few days notice
to an earlier date
so kristen could attend
i thankfully have not yet
buried a child
although i know
the possibility is there
it often lurks
 in the dark hours of night
and when it does
i think of kristen
and how brightly
 her light still shines 
and how i know
in my heart
we would not be
where we are today
without kristen
i think of how much  good
has come from her
and what she was
able to teach us before
she had to say goodbye
my heart is heavy
as i write this
for polly and her family
left behind to grieve
with a void
 that never goes away
we are so very grateful
to have been given the
honor and privelege
of being introduced to
this wonderful family
not a coincidence i'm sure
but rather by design
some love tonight

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a rare sighting...

i just turned
the page of
the photo album...

...the one from ten years ago
and look what i found
miss sarah
 hanging out with me
in my sewing studio
it did not happen often
only when she wanted
 a new twirly
from my ribbon drawer
never, ever and
i mean absolutely never
did i think back then that
the two of us
would be working
side by side
in a fabric store
or a sewcial lounge
happiness does come
 to those who wait

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

it's a lemon cooler...

how many times
a day do you
get lemons...
the quilt, which has nothing to do with the post i just love it,
is by shirley lips of  the quilt haus in greenback tennessee 
and currently hanging in jellen's house of fabric
...thrown your way
i thought i might
have had a lemon
you know
i won on ebay
i wrote a note
to the seller
being as nice as i could be
but still stating that i was
a tad miffed the
girl had been hanging
the entire way from seattle
my hopes were not high
in fact i'd already written
it off to another lesson learned
well that's probabaly not the truth
as i will bid again
you know i will
today i opened my email
and guess what
read this one for yourself

I'm sorry to hear that your machine arrived broken. Rest assured we took great care when packing and shipping it, but unfortunately these things sometimes still do happen.
I will email you a shipping label so that you can return the broken machine at no charge to you. Simply re-pack the machine, tape the box closed, print out and attach the label, and then take it to your local UPS shipping center at your convenience. What email would you like the shipping tag sent to?
Then we have a few options: I will check to see if we have another 1475 that we can send you, or we can try to repair your damaged 1475, or I can give you a full refund (including shipping). Please let me know which of these options you would like us to pursue.
Thank you
well how about that
an honest joe
assuming and accepting
and making good
truly made my day
just like a refreshing
lemon cooler
on a hot and humid
summer day

Friday, July 6, 2012

bottoms up...

i simply can't
i am sharing...

a photo of a box
and retelling this story
are you ready
for what might seem like
deja vu
i bid on another pfaff 1475
and then i left town
 when i returned home
i had a message from ebay
i was the lucky highest bidder
jumping for joy
i quickly paid for my favorite
sewing machine...

it arrived today
in a perfectly wrapped box
i carefully sliced the tape open
and then gasped loudly
as i removed the top layer
of the pretty blue padding
to discover
the poor thing
 had traveled across america
upside down
i suddenly felt like an ob/gyn
trying to decide
whether to reach in
with forceps
 or gently rotate
from the bottoms up position
after consulting
with my team
i opted
to turn the box on it's side
and gently slide her out
simply hoping to give life
to my new baby
in an otherwise
nauseating world...

it appears our efforts
were in vain
as i inverted her
to the standing position
pieces and parts
 began to fall
in every which direction...

as i stared down into the box
i wasn't sure what to do
laugh at my own
repeat of a mistake
or cry
 for the mind
that packed this delivery
 whatever were they thinking...

as i held the broken pieces
between my calloused
thumb and forefinger
i recalled the last time
i had won
realizing i'm
averaging three to two
and sixty percent
is better
than none