Saturday, April 28, 2012

six months...

that's how long
it has
taken me...
. get to the border
of my tiny
little table topper
stitching by hand
is clearly not the quickest
route to completion
but the love
and satisfaction
can be twice as nice

Thursday, April 26, 2012

a musical angel...

i've been asked
to write a
guest blog post...
. sarah's music therapist
you can hop over and

Monday, April 23, 2012

let's talk vacuums...

i do believe
i fell
 in the hole...

...the deep, dark, dirty
otherwise known as
 bagless vacuums
i can just picture it
a bunch of men
sitting around a big 'ole
conference table
drinking coffee
yellow legal pads in hand
trying to figure out
how to boost sales
one smart young guy
yells out
let's take the bag away
let 'em think they will be
saving money
when in fact
they will have to buy
a new vacuum
every few months
when they decide
they don't want to get
their pretty little hands dirty
trying to clean
 the crude out
and mop the floor again
as they try to empty it
brilliant jones
even better
let's put the word
on the filter
they love
spending money on anything
thinking it will
 help keep the kid's airway clear
snicker, snicker
got that smith
now go design it
and make sure it's in a trendy color
they like things to match
their decor
so what's it going be
nine or eighteen holes today

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

getting to forgiveness...

writing memoirs
is not
an easy task...

...the timing for one
needs to be just right
over the years
i've been approached to write a book
on more than one occasion
on a variety of subjects
but mostly about
sarah and our life experiences with her
i was never attracted to
the idea
for one
i never had the time
more importantly
who wants to read about me
i wondered
i also have read a lot of
mediocre books
i've never been one to settle
for just average
so that scared me
i also found memoirs in book form
 to be so finite
then i found blogging
it seemed the perfect fit
each day or so
i could write a post
help sarah write one too
and the next day move on
to a new topic
then a series of events happened
it started with water dripping
from the family room ceiling
followed by a couple
near death experiences
 in the middle of roads
followed by angels
lots and lots of them
so the book idea
surfaced again
this time it felt spiritual
in a good kind of way
so i sat down
 and started typing
i recently finished chapter twelve
it started out as retelling
 a story
yet somehow it has
evolved into something
much greater
of my soul
through others
and in the process
helping others
get to forgiveness
realizing the importance
of that word
it should eventually get to chapter
nineteen or twenty
not yet though
life still is unfolding
i am still learning
some of the main characters
are still in dress rehearsal

Monday, April 16, 2012


this past week
two new books
hit the store shelf

they are both memoirs
written by women
who have wildly popular blogs
that i have been following
for some time
which is the reason i could not wait
for their release
blogging somehow
 makes us feel like friends
they both were living the good life
handsome husbands
with good jobs
adorable child(ren)
supportive extended families
oodles of great friends
in quality neighborhoods
they often wrote of
fun weekend get-a-ways
awesome vacations
homey crafts were a plenty and
they entertained with parties
that always looked to be
 out of a magazine
then tragedy struck
or so they thought
it was the birth of her
 second child
as soon as they placed her baby girl
in her arms
she knew nella had down syndrome
her grief for the perfect daughter
she did not feel she received
it was a plane crash
that left eighty percent
of her body badly burned
she lay in a coma
for over four months
a very different challenge
 each woman faced
yet each one realizing
in their own way
that life is to be lived
and enjoyed
and celebrated
a book critic
i am not
yet i think you will find
enjoyment in
both of these reads

Saturday, April 7, 2012

easter goodness

i have a new
like i really...

...needed another one
it has me
on an almost
daily basis
one of my boards is defined as
sweet treats
i just love looking
at all the
adorable cut out cookies
saw this one
and clicked
oh wait sorry
wrong lingo
it comes with a great tutorial
 you could try these adorable
cookies yourself
hop on over to
of sugarbelle
happy easter peeps