Wednesday, April 18, 2012

getting to forgiveness...

writing memoirs
is not
an easy task...

...the timing for one
needs to be just right
over the years
i've been approached to write a book
on more than one occasion
on a variety of subjects
but mostly about
sarah and our life experiences with her
i was never attracted to
the idea
for one
i never had the time
more importantly
who wants to read about me
i wondered
i also have read a lot of
mediocre books
i've never been one to settle
for just average
so that scared me
i also found memoirs in book form
 to be so finite
then i found blogging
it seemed the perfect fit
each day or so
i could write a post
help sarah write one too
and the next day move on
to a new topic
then a series of events happened
it started with water dripping
from the family room ceiling
followed by a couple
near death experiences
 in the middle of roads
followed by angels
lots and lots of them
so the book idea
surfaced again
this time it felt spiritual
in a good kind of way
so i sat down
 and started typing
i recently finished chapter twelve
it started out as retelling
 a story
yet somehow it has
evolved into something
much greater
of my soul
through others
and in the process
helping others
get to forgiveness
realizing the importance
of that word
it should eventually get to chapter
nineteen or twenty
not yet though
life still is unfolding
i am still learning
some of the main characters
are still in dress rehearsal

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