Monday, April 16, 2012


this past week
two new books
hit the store shelf

they are both memoirs
written by women
who have wildly popular blogs
that i have been following
for some time
which is the reason i could not wait
for their release
blogging somehow
 makes us feel like friends
they both were living the good life
handsome husbands
with good jobs
adorable child(ren)
supportive extended families
oodles of great friends
in quality neighborhoods
they often wrote of
fun weekend get-a-ways
awesome vacations
homey crafts were a plenty and
they entertained with parties
that always looked to be
 out of a magazine
then tragedy struck
or so they thought
it was the birth of her
 second child
as soon as they placed her baby girl
in her arms
she knew nella had down syndrome
her grief for the perfect daughter
she did not feel she received
it was a plane crash
that left eighty percent
of her body badly burned
she lay in a coma
for over four months
a very different challenge
 each woman faced
yet each one realizing
in their own way
that life is to be lived
and enjoyed
and celebrated
a book critic
i am not
yet i think you will find
enjoyment in
both of these reads

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