Monday, April 23, 2012

let's talk vacuums...

i do believe
i fell
 in the hole...

...the deep, dark, dirty
otherwise known as
 bagless vacuums
i can just picture it
a bunch of men
sitting around a big 'ole
conference table
drinking coffee
yellow legal pads in hand
trying to figure out
how to boost sales
one smart young guy
yells out
let's take the bag away
let 'em think they will be
saving money
when in fact
they will have to buy
a new vacuum
every few months
when they decide
they don't want to get
their pretty little hands dirty
trying to clean
 the crude out
and mop the floor again
as they try to empty it
brilliant jones
even better
let's put the word
on the filter
they love
spending money on anything
thinking it will
 help keep the kid's airway clear
snicker, snicker
got that smith
now go design it
and make sure it's in a trendy color
they like things to match
their decor
so what's it going be
nine or eighteen holes today

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