Saturday, February 25, 2012

friends first

we are just days
from the official...

opening of
sarah's sewcial lounge
a room upstairs
that has evolved
over the years
it has had
a few different occupants
until we decided to take
over the lease
more to prevent anyone else
from moving in
or perhaps it was
divine intervention
all those years back
knowing that one day
we would use the space
for something greater
to sew
and including sarah
in the effort
it was only fitting that
the first brunch
a private party
my united way friends
we've been together now
for almost three decades
i am so thankful for their
friendship and
nod of approval

1 comment:

WarmQuilts said...

I absolutely adore the word "sewcial" and that you are using the space to teach the next generation to sew. The link to JEllen’s and reading about the Circle of Life was such a special find. Thank you!