Wednesday, March 7, 2012

hexies everywhere...

my husband and i

...on over to the high school
for the often dreaded
parent teacher conferences
our third born is a charm
a handsome young lad
full of spunk and energy
a zest for living
 his way
a personality that illuminates
a smile that melts hearts
in other words
he often
talks too much
doesn't always listen
especially to authority
and has girls doing all sorts
of things
tonight though
something happened
the words got turned all around
his teachers love him
he's quiet unless called on
his grades are excellent
his assignments are
turned in
on time
he reads shakespeare aloud
better than shakespeare
he's mature
he gives good feedback
so proud of this boy
excuse me
mr. science teacher
 are those hexagons
 on that door
i love that design
i mean i luuve those hexies
do you know that
is like the hottest
quilt pattern going right now
would you mind if i
took a picture
oh your grandmother loves to quilt
by all means
please give her my card
and thank you so much
matt loves your class

1 comment:

Kim said...

We have a hexie quilt that my mom made for Henry. It took her about 30 years. That is not an exaggeration. She worked on it off and on for a long, long time. It has pieces of my baby clothes, and clothes I wore when I was a little girl. It's amazing, and one of my absolute favorite things in my home. Quilts are my favorite pieces of art!