Thursday, February 9, 2012

butterflies are free...

i've always
had a passion
for butterflies...

purple butterflies
to be more exact
they've always represented
freedom to me
a carefree spirit
yet they don't start
out so free
they must go through
 a metamorphosis
a life changing
a strengthing
 before their
true beauty is to be seen
back in october when
i first viewed this
beautiful batik
i thought it was being
sent to me
as a forecast
of my own transformation
that i'd been working on
diligently for the past
few years
a tremendously hurtful phone call
one august day
wrapped me tight in hiding
my own chrysalis
of sorts
my opening has come slowly
when least expected
from the most unsuspecting
of sources
friends across the world
and the
beauty of color
in fiber form

1 comment:

Becky said...

I'm assuming that these beautiful purple butterflies are not really free. I will be in touch to purchase 4 yards of this if you can bear to let it go. I love it too! Love, Aunt Becky