Monday, October 31, 2011

would you like a pony too...

when tj asked
to be a cowboy
for halloween...
...i asked if he'd like
a pony too
turned out to be the
most winning costume
by all who wore it
over the years
today it turns up
twenty years later
a perfect visual
for what's about to happen
as the lone ranger rides
into the sunset
out there
on his own
not exactly
atop hi ho silver
 inside a red taurus
either way
he's holding the reins
in total control
so proud of you son

Friday, October 28, 2011

my two sons...

fiveteen years ago today...

i was blessed
with the miracle
of a second son
two boys
i wasn't sure i was ready
 or worthy
of such a responsibility
jeepers have i made
 some mistakes
said a few unkind words
held an unrealistic
expectation or two
today i know this though
i would give
 the sun
the moon
 and the stars
for these
two divine creatures
two amazing young men
as different as night and day
yet both perfect
just the way they are
i've come to realize
is the greatest of all blessings
full of challenge
wonderment and intrigue
i've also come to learn
there a few times that only an
i'm sorry
 followed by
please forgive me
will do
each year they grow
so do i
and i hope to
be granted the gift of
continual learning
 which will allow me to
share in their
for many years to come
happy birthday matt
i love you

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

quilt shoes...

be honest now...
...could you resist?

me either
the best
impulse shoe buy
of my lifetime
well at least since i
turned fifty
comfort trumped
style and heels
love my quilter's keens
found my

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

at long last...

i've finally
found my
sewing machine...
after being buried
under boxes and junk
for so long
the last few weeks
my body was craving the
motion of the machine
i started with a
little project
that was almost finished
love me some
chocolate and blue
by our favorite kate spain
thought that would
give me a boost to
jump back in with both feet
ugh ugh triple ugh
the cutting counter
just never enough
hours in a day

Friday, October 14, 2011

a sugar valley beauty...

do you ever
upon a photo...

...that just brings a smile
to your face
i had that experience
over on facebook
saw this beauty
posted on the gammill page
and i grinned
from ear to ear
love, love, love
 the fabric and design
the colors are divine
so i clicked a few more
times to see just
where the picture
came from
turns out it's not too far away
in bellbrook ohio
even found more pics
of the purple beauty
maybe one day soon
i can connect up with
amy bouchard
it's truly becoming a small
world thanks to that
other redhead
you know the guy
famous for starting this
facebook thing

Sunday, October 9, 2011

no words...

it isn't often
that i can't
find words...

...words of comfort
words of inspiration
words of wisdom
even words of criticism
yet tonight
i am just plain numb
unable to think
unable to read
unable to process
just a few short months ago
i posted on this very blog
one lite candle
sweet precious girl
carly elizabeth george
who was taken from this earth
much too soon
we have two candles
one for carly
and one for her brother brad
who lost his life
 in a house fire last evening
the very house he and carly
shared memories
i do not know how this
momma and papa
joany and paul
can possibly survive
such a tragedy
two children
and all their wordly memories
gone in such
a short amount of time
just last month their daughter
a beautiful young woman
left for basic training
with the united states navy
how will she ever
 regain her strength
i have no answers
only questions
and a very strong need
to reach out to joany and paul
in whatever way we can
to help them simply put
 one foot in front of the other
the sadness is unbearable
please pray

Friday, October 7, 2011

a perfect plan

october is national
down syndrome
awareness month...

...they say that nearly
twenty three years ago
at the moment
of conception
a somewhat rare
anomaly occurred
yet it would be
several months
before i'd know
for i was
 blessed with a
a perfect pregnancy
a quick and easy birth
then early
the next morning
august tenth of eighty nine
the doctor shared the news
forty seven chromosomes
one extra for my girl
the shock
 it rocked me to the core
i didn't understand
why were we the ones
to travel down this road
today as we stand
 in our store
surrounded by bolts
of fabric you've selected
 in your favorite team's
 colors of scarlet and gray
there is nothing
 that could bring
more joy
 than to clearly understand
 the absolute perfection
 of the grand
 and miraculous plan

Monday, October 3, 2011



...memories about their
with country fairs
i dug into a box
with the pics
from the summer
i arranged for
my girl scout troop to
 attend the ohio state fair
as i looked at lots
 of really good photos
i came across this one
i look scared
to death.
and i probably was
fear of heights
it's always been there
yet i couldn't look like
a coward
in front of the girls
i was suppose to be
 the leader after all
when i look at these photos
courage is what i see
 it's not visible
to the naked eye
it was hidden deep within me
like a silent strength
i was traveling
with a group
of young women
trusted to my care
a very medically fragile daughter
one who could have collapsed
in my arms
 at any time
without a moments
at the time
i was given
loads of courage
to move beyond my fears
looking back
i'm not sure how i did it
but i did
renews my faith
one won't be given
more than they
can handle
today i am most grateful for
the good times
the memories
and the courage
it can move mountains