Monday, October 3, 2011



...memories about their
with country fairs
i dug into a box
with the pics
from the summer
i arranged for
my girl scout troop to
 attend the ohio state fair
as i looked at lots
 of really good photos
i came across this one
i look scared
to death.
and i probably was
fear of heights
it's always been there
yet i couldn't look like
a coward
in front of the girls
i was suppose to be
 the leader after all
when i look at these photos
courage is what i see
 it's not visible
to the naked eye
it was hidden deep within me
like a silent strength
i was traveling
with a group
of young women
trusted to my care
a very medically fragile daughter
one who could have collapsed
in my arms
 at any time
without a moments
at the time
i was given
loads of courage
to move beyond my fears
looking back
i'm not sure how i did it
but i did
renews my faith
one won't be given
more than they
can handle
today i am most grateful for
the good times
the memories
and the courage
it can move mountains

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Anonymous said...

crying! Thanks for sharing!