Sunday, October 9, 2011

no words...

it isn't often
that i can't
find words...

...words of comfort
words of inspiration
words of wisdom
even words of criticism
yet tonight
i am just plain numb
unable to think
unable to read
unable to process
just a few short months ago
i posted on this very blog
one lite candle
sweet precious girl
carly elizabeth george
who was taken from this earth
much too soon
we have two candles
one for carly
and one for her brother brad
who lost his life
 in a house fire last evening
the very house he and carly
shared memories
i do not know how this
momma and papa
joany and paul
can possibly survive
such a tragedy
two children
and all their wordly memories
gone in such
a short amount of time
just last month their daughter
a beautiful young woman
left for basic training
with the united states navy
how will she ever
 regain her strength
i have no answers
only questions
and a very strong need
to reach out to joany and paul
in whatever way we can
to help them simply put
 one foot in front of the other
the sadness is unbearable
please pray


Carol in E TN said...

How very sad.

Emily said...

Praying for joany and paul - they are struggling so hard to make it everyday and now this... Lord, send them someone to help, someone to show Your love to them, to help them endure the long hours of each day they must now face without their beloved children.

If there is anything we can do, Joyce, can you find out and let us know?