Friday, October 7, 2011

a perfect plan

october is national
down syndrome
awareness month...

...they say that nearly
twenty three years ago
at the moment
of conception
a somewhat rare
anomaly occurred
yet it would be
several months
before i'd know
for i was
 blessed with a
a perfect pregnancy
a quick and easy birth
then early
the next morning
august tenth of eighty nine
the doctor shared the news
forty seven chromosomes
one extra for my girl
the shock
 it rocked me to the core
i didn't understand
why were we the ones
to travel down this road
today as we stand
 in our store
surrounded by bolts
of fabric you've selected
 in your favorite team's
 colors of scarlet and gray
there is nothing
 that could bring
more joy
 than to clearly understand
 the absolute perfection
 of the grand
 and miraculous plan

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is the perfect read on an Indian Summer Day. I had the privilege of serving students and families, who were seen as broken by society, but were perfect in their hearts. I wonder, what if everyone knew? Then everyone could be truly included.