Sunday, April 24, 2011


can you guess
 what color
 peeps i received...
interesting though
each box is a different
shade of purple
light, medium and dark
sounds like
i'm at the shop
picking fabric
for a quilt
happy easter peepsters

Saturday, April 23, 2011

miss you carly...

one year ago today ...

the world lost a beautiful girl
carly elizabeth george
1-2-2002 ~ 4-23-2010
she had a passion for purple
 an infectious smile
 a perfect set of 47 chromosomes
and an amazing family who
misses her so very much
our thoughts and prayers
are with you all

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

self portrait...

how is it i flew
 through 50
51 not so much...
my shoulder has been in pain for the past few months. i felt it rip one day this winter when i was lifting sarah's wheelchair out of the car.  i complained.  alot. i was taking more over the counter pain relievers than one probably should. yet, i did nothing else.  until last night.  as luck would have it, i fell on a sidewalk monday night, going into joann's of all places, and landed directly on the same shoulder.  then the pain started shooting up into my neck. i still wanted to pretend nothing was wrong.  until tj asked me what i would do if i was alone with sarah and she needed my help. ouch...that stung worse than the shoulder pain.  only because he was right. son's you gotta love how they tell it like it is. so off i went to urgent care.  the good news is nothing is broken. the not so good news is he suspects soft tissue damage.  in the meantime, i get to wear this stylish sling for a few days. the crazy thing...after wearing this for just one shoulder feels better already.    

Monday, April 18, 2011

a can of joann worms...

i've mentioned
 a time or two before
 that i love paisley
and when they are
 as perfect as these
three and one half yards is my take
i like to make tunics
mostly for myself

this one has been
hanging in my stash for a while
april cornell does paisley really well
i found it in the clearance aisle
well not exactly an aisle
rather a click
on the fat quarter shop
it was one of my first purchases
 on kimberly jolly's site

i found this beauty today
love the colors
and the largeness of the paisley
and i had a coupon
for 50% off
which was a good thing
because the retail price was $9.99
now the shop i was at
 is not close
i must drive a good 25 minutes
on a freeway
but i had another reason to be
in the area
so i stopped in
the beauty of joann's
it is open until 9 every evening
oh did i just hear a gasp
a collective gasp perhaps
why do i so often hear that
yes i do frequent joann's
almost every monday night in fact
my sarah has music therapy
just around the corner
i really am having a hard
time understanding the
extreme reactions
out there
don't believe me
my friend vickie
 has a post
it has 192 comments
and a great give-a-way
i ask
can't we just be happy
there is room for all of us
 at the creative table
if we play nicely
let's just encourage one another
and celebrate beautiful fabric

Sunday, April 17, 2011

red, brown, blue and green...

i don't really 
how to start ...
this post
but here goes
last week i left
jellen's house of fabric
for the very first time
to attend a meeting
at ohio state university
on the store blog
i wanted to carry a bag
not my usual black leather
rather a hand crafted creative one
as a show and tell of sorts
i chose one that i had
ordered off an etsy website
on a post i wrote
and so i wanted her to see
the one i carried
now why is this picture
in front of a fire truck
well at the close of the meeting
the alarms went off
likely the result of construction
in the basement
as the men got off the truck
i thanked them for all they do
the man walking out beside me
was impressed he said
he never heard someone
thank firefighters before
well i said
i have a thing for the men in blue
so he told me to turn around
and snapped my picture
so now i have a photo
of that great bag
for sandy to see
and another memory
of me with a big red

Saturday, April 16, 2011

purpley goodness...

first comes
 then comes...
how stickin' cute are these
little purple cupcakes
i am so curious

Friday, April 15, 2011

friday night sew-in...

this blog world
 is full of
clever people...
such a great idea is this
a friday night
we each get to stay
in our own sewing studios
in our own warm cozy homes
without filling the gas tank
which currently depletes
the checking account
we can slip into our pj's
yet together
we are a stitchin'
all around the world
and follow along
it starts today

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

is it comfort food...

a bedtime snack
pure addiction...
coffee ice cream with
chocolate sprinkles
it eases my aching shoulder
fills my hungry tummy
sooths my throbbing head
have i been so tired
 has my body ached
quite like this
have my eyes been so blurred
yet never have i been
so happy

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

wearing cabbage...

there are findings
that i believe
  one must share...
...such as this cabbage
i've never understood
why it is referred to as red cabbage
when it is actually purple
yet that is not why
 i bring this to you
no not a color debate
a fashion discussion
would you prefer
around your neck
or pizza
 an ice cream sandwich perhaps
maybe an avocado
a sushi ring
might be the thing
i kid you not
i just discovered some amazingly clever
to wear
but not if you're hungry

Monday, April 11, 2011

your madness counts...

have you heard
about the madness
as in march...
kate and me  8.14.10
not the basketball kind
the fabric kind
it seems we have been voting forever
it's the finals
and guess what
my friend kate spain
is in the final round
not surprising of course
but we all know how elections go
if you don't vote
the wrong guy could win
now i don't have anything against
this other designer
but come on
central park
is the most amazing collection
well the next one
is pretty spectacular too
but that will be in next year's
march madness
vote now
pretty please

Friday, April 8, 2011

a purple star...

i am so
 for friends...
the one's
who have been with me
for the long haul
who have supported
me through the many years
of medical fragility with sarah
my ups and downs
and i'm especially
blessed with new one's
who come along
who join
in supporting our mission
our new journey
and my love of purple
it reminds me of this song
make new friends
but keep the old
some are silver
and some are gold
thank you aimee
and will forever cherish
the purple star

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

no words...

to describe
current status...
of my creative corner
or my personal life
in general
i have customers ask
if my house looks like the store
not really
enough said