Thursday, December 10, 2009

I have recently reconnected with one of my favorite sewing pastimes, quilting. The last real quilt I finished was in the early 80's. Quilt stores were still abundant in the area. Today, there are only five in Northeast Ohio and each one is greater than a forty five minute drive each direction.

So I have been lurking on quilting websites and blogs for the past month or so. I was leery. Never before have I ordered fabric over the web. Gosh, the last time I had a quilting needle in hand, the internet did not even exist. But I took the plunge. I ordered from three different retail sites. One who shall remain nameless, will never hear from me again. Then there is the...

It was the only one that arrived in a marked box for starters. And in a short three days. (You can pay extra for overnight delivery if you choose.)

I carefully opened each box, never quite sure what to expect.

Each separate item was carefully placed in a plastic bag. Free from dust and dirt. I like that.

The colorful receipt was placed in a lovely thank you envelope. I really like that.

The ultimate test for me is the yardage. In a store, I can visually verify as they cut. Let's see. I ordered three of this beautiful floral in the Nostalgia line by April Cornell. I wonder how much I actually received?

3 yards and 2". Perfect. The Fat Quarter Shop just moved up to the very top of my list. After a little further investigating I have discovered this company is owned by a husband and wife team, Kimberly and Kevin Jolly. I love when married couples work together:) Be sure to check out their blog too by clicking HERE.
An addendum to this story. This morning I placed an additional order. Early this afternoon I received a call from Debbie in customer service. I requested 3 yards of a fabric and they only had 2 and 2/3. They allow you to tell them whether to send less than or to cancel the item all together when you order. I choose the later. Yet the amount they had was so close that Debbie decided to call to see if it would be acceptable. Now that is customer service!!!

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