Monday, April 18, 2011

a can of joann worms...

i've mentioned
 a time or two before
 that i love paisley
and when they are
 as perfect as these
three and one half yards is my take
i like to make tunics
mostly for myself

this one has been
hanging in my stash for a while
april cornell does paisley really well
i found it in the clearance aisle
well not exactly an aisle
rather a click
on the fat quarter shop
it was one of my first purchases
 on kimberly jolly's site

i found this beauty today
love the colors
and the largeness of the paisley
and i had a coupon
for 50% off
which was a good thing
because the retail price was $9.99
now the shop i was at
 is not close
i must drive a good 25 minutes
on a freeway
but i had another reason to be
in the area
so i stopped in
the beauty of joann's
it is open until 9 every evening
oh did i just hear a gasp
a collective gasp perhaps
why do i so often hear that
yes i do frequent joann's
almost every monday night in fact
my sarah has music therapy
just around the corner
i really am having a hard
time understanding the
extreme reactions
out there
don't believe me
my friend vickie
 has a post
it has 192 comments
and a great give-a-way
i ask
can't we just be happy
there is room for all of us
 at the creative table
if we play nicely
let's just encourage one another
and celebrate beautiful fabric


Cathy said...

I totally agree! If it is lovely fabric that makes you happy so what if it is from JoAnns? Man! Good April Cornell shopping! I found Farmdale while I was there scooping my DS Quilts. : )

Jo said...

I SO wish people would celebrate the process of quilting...letting individuals choose the tools. It cracks me up that people are so worried about what others use in their own quilts. I get very poor service from any quilt shop that is near me. I hate waiting in line at JoAnn's. The ones near us (i hour away) are understaffed. I like shopping online. It's easy and always open. I have had EXCELLENT service and I do a better job of controlling myself. It's my machine, my money, my finished product so I'm going to choose what I want...and can afford. I wish others would do the same.