Sunday, April 17, 2011

red, brown, blue and green...

i don't really 
how to start ...
this post
but here goes
last week i left
jellen's house of fabric
for the very first time
to attend a meeting
at ohio state university
on the store blog
i wanted to carry a bag
not my usual black leather
rather a hand crafted creative one
as a show and tell of sorts
i chose one that i had
ordered off an etsy website
on a post i wrote
and so i wanted her to see
the one i carried
now why is this picture
in front of a fire truck
well at the close of the meeting
the alarms went off
likely the result of construction
in the basement
as the men got off the truck
i thanked them for all they do
the man walking out beside me
was impressed he said
he never heard someone
thank firefighters before
well i said
i have a thing for the men in blue
so he told me to turn around
and snapped my picture
so now i have a photo
of that great bag
for sandy to see
and another memory
of me with a big red

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SandraD said...

Of course I love this post :)