Monday, November 16, 2015

je m' appelle joice

it has been
a long
long time...

since i studied french
so long
that i barely
most words
of the beautiful language
like many
my heart fills
with just the mention
of the eiffel tower
the streets of paris
so when word
starting spreading
that terrorists
had struck
the city of love
it was hard to
as more details
there is no denying
the world is
and for that
i feel helpless
and afraid
scared for my
loved ones
yet we can't let fear
our every move
so i did what i know best
i took
 to my sewing machine...

...creating a circle
using fabric
purple of course
with eiffel towers
to form a dresden
or friendship circle
for in my world
if we all just started
loving a little more
hated a little less
just imagine
the difference
we could make

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