Sunday, May 10, 2015

a different kind of mother's day...

i've learned over
the years
that life is full...

...of unpredictable moments
your day to day
can be humming along
and then
out of nowhere a
situation presents
that hits you
upside the head
 like a two by four
as i sat across
the table
from my son and his wife
the words stung
like alcohol to
a freshly opened wound
my tears feel freely
not just for me
but for my mother
it took me back
to a place
earlier in my life
where i too
said many unkind things
and for the first time
i was sitting in her seat
i read once
that every child
grows to hate their mother
and you will know when they
have matured
by the day
they learn to accept and love
her for who she is
no longer will you see
her short comings
rather you will
appreciate her care
her support
her love
for me
it took a while
to almost fifty five really
the greatest blessing
is the opportunity
 to observe my momma
with my princess of a girl
the two have become
best buds
for that i am most grateful
as i recognize
not every adult child
is given this
second chance
with their
mother still on earth
yet we know
those days are coming to a close
my mother is dying
she has terminal cancer
it is slowly yet
surely taking away her
her good days
are becoming less and less
what would i change
not a thing i suppose
for our trials and triumphs
have shaped me into
who i am today
a very grateful daughter
who has the ability to
turn the bad into the good
the pain into a
for a better tomorrow
no doubt
yet brutifully abundant
with rich blessings
motherhood i've learned
is a journey
not a sprint
rather more like a
that has not yet been run
we're always
in training

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