Thursday, March 13, 2014


i admit
the tears
are falling...
it's not
that we didn't
it was coming
we have been
under a dark cloud
since september
in this building our
 two businesses
on mayfield road
one bearing my
 creative name
we have been preparing
for this moment
for some months now
just in case
but we have been
in denial too
until late this afternoon
 correspondence arrived
telling us
we have three days
to vacate the premises
i know in the end
good things
will come of this
in the meantime
we have a lot of work to do
yards and yards
of fabric to sell
so i shall
 dry up my eyes
pray deeply
for our landlords
our future
and march forward


Joyce said...

Alice Carter Sems I know you will be in a better place soon! I wish I could be there to help you now!

March 13 at 8:44pm ·

Kathie Ives Smith I am sure you will end up in a better situation. I can't believe they only gave you 3 days. Keep looking up!

March 13 at 8:47pm ·

Theresa Manzell Holy cow... I am sorry I am out of the state.. Will pray that it goes as smoothly as possible.

March 13 at 8:48pm

Hatsuho Cook I am so so sorry You've done a wonderful thing for our community. Hope new and better doors will open for you!

March 13 at 8:52pm

Tracey Powell Blake When God closes a door, he opens a window.

March 13 at 8:57pm

Rita McFarland Fishel Doors will open (just believe....)
March 13 at 9:18pm ·

D.j. Deighan Soo sorry..

March 13 at 9:30pm

Michele Merin-Campbell So sorry I can't be there to help all will end well

March 13 at 9:39pm ..

Kate Spain Ohhhh, I'm so sad to hear this news Joyce and can hardly believe it. Knowing you, there will be a silver lining ahead when new doors will surely open. I hope you are ok and am sending much love and big hugs.

March 13 at 9:40pm ·

Nan Webb Oh no!! This just means something better is around the corner!! Good luck!!

March 13 at 9:41pm

Vickie Cook Eapen Awe so sad Joyce. I'm praying for you. I definitely feel there is something better out there for you

March 13 at 9:54pm

Kelly Ann Wooliever Richardson So sad for you friend...hugs to you...

March 13 at 9:59pm

Leslie Ann Don't let their meanness seep in and harm your spirit. You have so many who love you! We will be driving up to see you. God may be closing a door but a window or two will be opening.

March 16 at 6:48pm

Martin Lerman Good luck Joyce ! Something better will be happening soon.

March 13 at 10:35pm

Phyllis Sossi Let me know if you need some help packing or moving or anything

March 13 at 11:18pm

Crystal Stanworth hugs. there are better things to come I'm sure.

March 13 at 11:25pm · Like

Jill Finley Oh no! Do you need some help? 3 days!? I could get on a plane and come help you if you need it!

March 13 at 11:37pm · Like

Joyce said...

Sue Jerin So sorry Joyce ! I would call your Attorney and see if u can get more time.

March 14 at 6:46am · Like

Susan Schwartz Really sucks, Joyce. But I know you'll find new digs for your next incarnation. Hang in there!

March 14 at 7:35am · Like

Brandie Leach You have a lot of people to support you and who will follow you wherever you go

March 14 at 7:48am · Like · 1

Jill Polk Joyce- what a roller coaster the past few months have been for you at the shop! Your outlook on change you recently shared with me resonated with me personally and I'm sure it's in your head and heart right now- "everything happens by design"

March 14 at 8:57am · Like

Heather Carlisle Azcueta Mrs. Ely please remember God's delay is not his denial. It's just a delay.

March 14 at 10:22am · Like · 1

Lyndhurst Florist So sorry, we'll miss a good neighbor.

March 14 at 10:44am · Like · 1

Marie Bostwick Praying, praying, praying. Have faith, my friend, and remember, your life has been created By Design. Sending love. Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do to help.

March 14 at 10:58am · Like

Debi Jenks If you need help I have next Thursday free . I could at least help set back up LMK

March 14 at 11:58am · Like

Marcia Armbruster I'm so sorry, Joyce. I know you guys will get through this.

March 14 at 8:09pm · Like

Diane Wantz Something better is just around the corner...just believe.

March 14 at 10:13pm · Like

Debbie Spector Picker I don't know what happened Joyce but I do know that your business was a blessing to so many. Whatever you do will be with purpose and integrity as always. I look forward to your next adventure.

March 14 at 11:54pm · Like

Patricia Arnwine Joyce, good people like you will not be held down for long, I believe good things are ahead. I will pray for the landlord also.

March 16 at 6:03pm · Like

Laura M. Croom So sorry, Joyce. I know good things await you, because you are such a giving person!

March 16 at 8:23pm · Like

MaryAnn Grayson I pray for you speedy transition to your next venture. God will light the way for your next opportunity. The landlord will pay for what he has done