Monday, March 31, 2014

an empty shell...

sterile walls
plain windows
empty rooms...

our quilt shop
is gone
cleaned out
at it's
very first location
it was a fluke really
opening that is
not something
i had ever planned
on doing
the timing just happened
to be perfect
as are the memories
if only
these walls
could talk
what would they say
likely they'd speak
of all the friends
we've made
the tears we've
from both happiness
and sorrow
we've watched mommas
nurture pregnant bellies
we've welcomed
and watched them grow
we've held hands
with friends
receiving a life
altering diagnosis
we've helped many
a new sewer
select fabric for a first quilt
we've also
assisted the selection
of clothing to
go into a memory quilt
of a loved one
little boys, fathers, husbands
grandmothers and wives
we've cheered triumphantly
alongside families
as they embraced their
new sons and daughters
sharing that one
extra special chromosome
that welcomes them
to the world of 
down syndrome

i've learned
 much about myself too
my patience
 is better
my stamina
is greater
my knowledge
more expanded
my skills
more refined
my gratitude
is immense
my heart is
so very thankful
i thought
i would feel sadness
as i locked
the door
for the last time
yet what i feel is different
it is a sense 
of contentment
with excitement too
i'm curious
to see where we
go next on this journey
i know not
 the answer
for we are following a plan
not of our own doing
but of our creator
i've learned
a building is simply
an empty shell
it's what is inside
that matters

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Beth said...

So very well said!!