Sunday, August 4, 2013

there's beauty...

...all around us
although sometimes
we simply need... pause
 for a moment
to take a breath
close our eyes
then slowly
open our eyes
and look around
to see the beauty
the richness in our
the friendships
the happiness
the joy
i've been in this church
so many times
i lead two groups of
girl scouts who met
in this church
every single monday
for nearly a decade
i can look across the street
from our quilt shop
and see this
wall of windows
yet i have
taken the time
to see just how
the stained glass
truly is
and isn't that an
irony of life
we have
so much
to be thankful for
so much
to be grateful for
so much
to cherish
and instead
we fail to see the beauty
we simply see
a wall of windows
today i shall look closer
deeper perhaps
in all i do
for the beauty
all around me
i'd like to
 express my
most sincere appreciation
to jessica love of
for capturing that
which shines so brightly
and to the
amazing bride
stacy broerman
and her prince charming
adam keck
for allowing me
and our precious sarah
to be a part of their
magnificent day

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