Sunday, September 23, 2012

flight of a bumble bee...

there is a certain
excitement i feel...

...when the first signs
of autumn appear
the days are still filled
with sunshine
although there
is a slight chill
 in the air
i spent the afternoon
down a trail
the changing elements
of nature
while my youngest son
crouched and ducked
in the woods
with his friends
 paintball pellets
i closely followed
the flight
of this bumble bee
as it would forage about
 from flower
 to purple plower
in search of nectar and pollen
i suppose
the more i observed
i was reminded
how fast paced our life
can be
if only i would take
more moments
to simply watch
 and observe
the more grateful
 i would be
for the amazement
yet complexity
of our creator's plan
 it is all around us
in the flight
of the bumble bee

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