Monday, November 21, 2011

shattered dreams

precious iris
sweet adorable girl
forever angel...
Iris Catherine Palma
7/7/10 ~ 11/20/11

...gone much too soon
for weeks i've followed
 your daily struggles
open heart surgery
followed by complications
 fluid filled
and collapsed lungs
irregular pressures
pulmonary hypertension
plummenting oxygen saturations
then a complete code
each hour i relived the emotions
with stephanie and anne
as they were posted
you seemed to be following
 the same path as my sarah
day by day
hour by hour
i felt the constant heartbreak
followed by
intense elation
when one tiny flicker
of activity on a monitor
gave new hope
i wanted so to believe that your
outcome would be different
that your mommas
 would hold you once again
that they would see
 your precious smile
instead what they have right now
are shattered dreams
and broken hearts
i know there were several girlies
waiting to take your hand
kristen, carly and lois
 to name a few
a party in heaven
where that extra chromosome
is celebrated
in glory
 i am sure

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