Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a girl can brag...

once or twice
in her
life right?...
...especially on the
of her twenty fifth
wedding anniversary
the one where
the hubby presented
his bride
that would be me
with a
matching set of
and gold bling
so artfully designed
oh yes that
i believe is worthy of
a kiss or two or twenty five...

and a mention on this here blog
the one declaring my love
of all things
and my love for you
 dear john
for 25 years
our love has made
each day better
every moment is happier
any challenge is easier
and it's why i know
that there's nothing
we can't accomplish together
with every anniversary
we celebrate
our love grows stronger
and i feel more grateful
to be married
to someone as
wonderful as you
happy 25th anniversary
to the man i love

1 comment:

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Happy Anniversary Joyce. And brag,brag away!Such an amazing milestone.Such a testament to love that perseveres through time and trials and grows stronger as time goes by.

Next year we celebrate our 25th!