Saturday, March 5, 2011

i said yes

i'll never forget
twenty five years
ago today...
showing off the new ring. d'poos on the river. cleveland, ohio. 1986
he asked
i said yes
i know this date is
 not often celebrated
yet as i have been
reviewing my life
of late
the ups and downs
the good and the not so good
it really all started with
that one little word
had he not asked
or had i said no
it would have likely ended
right then and there
so it really is
 the beginning
that simple little three letter word
it changes everything
no longer are you
free and frolicking about
it's a commitment
to a life together
sure there's still time
 to back out
but not as quietly
 as before
the public announcement
looking back i also
realize it begins a time
of alignment
the supporters in one camp
the naysayers in another
the thing i've learned
and have finally accepted
they pretty much stay
 where they began
with twenty five years
of hindsight
knowing how things turn out
at least to-date
knowing the depth
 of the peaks and valleys
the triumphs and struggles
would i change anything
would i still say yes
in a heartbeat
without a thought
i said yes to my best friend
and still today
thanks for asking john
i love you more today
than i could ever
have possibly known


Zoey's mom said...

Congratulations Joyce.this was so beautifully written.So sweet and bursting with love.You are blessed.

kate spain said...

Congratulations to you and John! Love that photo of you two. This entry was so beautiful, Joyce. How wonderful that your lives have blossomed together. xxoo

Groves said...

Now, that is the sweetest thing ever. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

And what a beautiful, beautiful family has come from this love. I'm so glad.

Glad you're together,

Cathy in Missouri

Lisa said...

you guys are such great role models and true inspiration for me! love you both!! p.s. really glad you said yes!!

Maureen Stewart said...

It was so good to meet you today Joyce. Your store is so charming and I can see why it is so special. You have a kind heart and a wonderful perspective. Wishing you much happiness and thank you John, although I've never met you, for asking. Your wife is a doll.