Saturday, February 6, 2016

one happy mama...

it's been a while
i've shared...
...a post about
 my favorite
it's good
 i suppose
that i have
 just one
that way she
can always be
number one
there was a time
that i questioned
whether we
would ever
share a
love of sewing
not just
she would need
to discover the
same infatuation
with fabric
that i have 

rather because her
of down syndrome
lead me to believe
she would have
greater challenges
than some
 her manual dexterity
for years and years she
had some wonderful
therapists who worked
diligently with her
hour after hour
day after day
 her fingers now work
with the greatest
of precision
her seams are near perfect
her patience

not only does
she share my love
for quilting
she is also
the fundamentals
of running
a business
it has taken a
very large village to
get us to this
stage in life
for which i am so
 very grateful
for everyone
who has had a place
on this journey
with us
thank you

1 comment:

Adelaide Dupont said...

It's Sarah's business, yes!

And you share it with us.