Friday, July 25, 2014

two signed leases...

i've been

to find...
...words to describe
what my husband
 son and i
 have been through
 the past few months
 with regards
 to the buildings
 our two businesses occupy
 but the wild range
of emotions
simply can't be defined
the miles we've put
 on our cars
 looking for space
may be quantifiable
 but the burden
 of weeding out
 the good from the bad
 just can't
in the end
we've both found spaces
 that we believe
will work out well
for each of us
just one block apart
 this pic
 was taken right outside
 the new door
for jellen's house of fabric
 that tan building
 on the other side
 of the shell gas station
 is where the two johns will be
along with a few other
 being run by father/son teams
 how life works out

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