Wednesday, December 25, 2013

a broken heart...

this is not
the christmas
post i had
nor did i expect
my holiday eves
to be filled
with sorrow
followed by
eye opening
 and jaw dropping
learned from hours of research
this precious baby
the granddaughter
of a woman
i worked with years ago
our sons hanging out
together when we
needed to take them
with us
is celebrating her
first christmas
without her daddy
he died
a few nights ago
just days after
this gorgeous photo
was taken
it is real
it is frightening
and it is
a very huge problem
in our community
this beautiful blue eyed
is not the only
daughter waking up
 this christmas morn
in a very short
amount of time
i've learned of
young men
that i have known
good decent families
with one thing
in common
we need to wake up
reach out
stop being in denial
before it is to late
our prayers
go out to the women
who are now
as they try to cope
with an empty
a broken heart
and a story
they will one
day have to share
with their
to the families
who are heartbroken
have guilt
are asking
they could not do more
how do we help
we must stop
what so many
 police departments are
declaring an
we must
it is killing
too many

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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

*tears* we are shedding many of our own this Christmas. Not a death of a child, but real potential of losing a child in another way. I will pray for the family right now.....