Wednesday, October 9, 2013

a grateful crash

i went to
the body shop
to clean out
the boy's car
as the
insurance company
 has declared
it a total loss
not surprising as
it was more
than a decade old
i started with
the center console
then the glove box
scooped up the
two soccer balls
the empty energy drink cans
before moving
to the back hatch
as i gathered
a single lose sock
my eyes welled
with tears
my heart became soft
realizing there
are parents
who would cling to
this stinky sock
as a remembrance
of a last game played
the scent of their athlete gone
they would carry
this box full of stuff
home to an
 empty bedroom
i said a little prayer
in that parking lot
feeling very grateful
for second chances
this evening


Anonymous said...

Can totally relate. Hugs

Jody Lynn said...

I performed the same exercise only a month ago with the same tears in my eyes. My son had survived...I was lucky, he was lucky. Could've been different. I was overwhelmed while I cleaned out the car for those who were not as fortunate...Thanks so much for this.