Tuesday, June 4, 2013

protecting the children...

before i even
out of bed...
...i knew
 it was going to be
one of those days
i only have one day
each week to run errands
make phone calls
visit doctors
and on this monday
my list was a mile long
with a wedding less than
 two weeks away
i had shoes to find
undergarments, hair clips
water proof make-up
as i know the tears will
be flowing freely
add to that
the stress of finding
a climate controlled
storage unit
large enough to hold
the contents of a
three level
fully furnished condo
not to mention a
moving company willing
to haul the contents
and you get the picture
oh wait i forgot
sarah and her fever
and the puke landing
in my hands
i guess that is better
than on the carpet
a fender bender
certainly was not
the added distraction i needed
yet as i think back on it
was i there for
a reason
after a few hours
 of running around
i was parched
so i pulled into
a wendy's drive thru
for a strawberry lemonade
i remember saying to myself
how adorable the four
pink and purple
bikes were parked next to the
front door
school is just now
out for the summer
and they had probably
been planning their
visit for weeks
when the car
started to back directly
into my path
there was no where
i could go
i prepared for the impact
as it was surely going
 to happen
despite my frantic
horn blowing
everyone heard the crash
but still she did not stop
 she put more pressure
on the gas pedal
i could hear it
and i could hear the plastic
of my car crunching
as it was being
 pushed backwards
to the point i was afraid
of hitting the car directly
behind me
finally her car came to a halt
as i approached
 her window
i discovered it was an
 elderly woman
very disoriented and confused
so i called 911
as i was sitting there waiting
for the police
i realized the children
had come out
and had been getting
on their bikes
had my car not been sitting
where it was
she could likely have
run them over
 as they were directly
 in her path
on the other side of my car
all of a sudden my
hectic day
slowed down
to a peaceful perspective
my tiny fender bender
can be fixed
for that
i'm so very grateful

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