Thursday, January 3, 2013

one quarter of a century...

that's how long
i have had the
privilege of...
...mothering this sweet child
he was my first born
it was a new experience
i rocked the job
in the beginning
maybe even
 thru the toddler years
once he reached school
i simply repeated
i had observed
i had been taught
and that's when my skills
started not being
so great
i look back now
with tears flowing down
 my cheeks
i should have
wrapped my arms
around him more
and simply held him
i should have
just allowed him to be
to share what he wanted
to share
and shut up
i should have worried less
about what others thought
i should have learned that
as a mother
you put your own needs
behind his
i should have accepted
his choices
without criticism
and when i failed at that
i should have learned
to apologize
i should have told him
i love him
every single day
i know this
 that's what
i'm yearning for
for me
the child within me
it's not too late
i'm still alive
and thankfully he's still
 beside me

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