Thursday, August 23, 2012

rum raisin

i've been
waiting for this
...for more than a month
 i just walked into my
sewing studio
 and felt a slight draft
so i reached for it
the box marked
rum raisin
and very slowly
my chilly size ten toes
into the soft
sheepskin lining
of my new classic short
they likely will never see
 snow or ice
nor will i ever likely see their
australian home
 we are bound to be
 best friends though
i discovered last year
they make the most
amazing house slippers
and of course
as soon as i saw this new
i knew it was meant to be
my feet thank me
now i wonder what else
i can find in the house
bearing the words
rum or raisin

1 comment:

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Those are darling. And can you believe, some crazy Californians, not me though, wear those suckers year round. With shorts. I kid you not..

Love to you and your girl.