Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the gifts in life...

as if
on cue...

i turned the page
of the photo album
from twenty years ago today
and this picture is what
i found
 a tiny tj
just three and one half years old
in my office
as the regional director
for united way
i had multiple offices
this is the one in geauga county
i'd often have a few tasks
needing completed
on a saturday
especially if i had taken
time off during the week
to tend to sarah's medical needs
i almost always
 took tj with me
it gave him a break from being with
his medically fragile sister
and he was such a good boy
he would sit
very patiently
playing with the calculator
for hours if need be
he loved punching in numbers
and then seeing the machine
tape continue to spew
out until it reached
great lengths
then he would take
a red pen
 and circle all the numbers
i had forgotten about those days
i suppose he was
destined to be a finance major
in college
all the way back then
which makes finding these photos
so perfectly timed...

 i handed over
 the financial reins
of our company
american medical computing inc
to this boy
all grown up now
i'm confident he will do
 an excellent job
take it to the next level
and beyond
and that my friends
will allow me to spend
more time creating
in the house of fabric
like those
chairs behind us
the minute the man
who had this job before me
 moved out
i took them home for a weekend
and reupholstered them
with the fabric you see
gave the office
a twinkle of sunshine
tj i love you son
you've worked hard
you've earned the title
of cfo
dad and i are so proud
and honored to have you
in our family

1 comment:

Zoey's mom, Heather said...

Congratulations to you all!

New beautiful beginnings.With new beginnings comes change and with change comes blessings and may this change be abundant with blessings, in all of your lives.

The pictures are precious. A reminder to me ... wherever does the time go?