Tuesday, July 26, 2011

time to share...

for nearly 
twenty years
i've collected...

...holiday ornaments
with a sewing theme
i've had a tiny tree
in my creative corner
for mostly my eyes only
haven't even put it up
the last few years
although i've added new
findings to the box
never in even my dreams
did i expect to one day
share this box
of holiday cuteness
yet tonight
my sarah and i
 arranged them on a tree
for all our friends to see
over at the
i had to dab a tear or two
as we stood back
 admiring the room
for i recognize so clearly
the many hearts and hands
who made this all
i am so very grateful
now wishing you a
very merry christmas
july style

1 comment:

Kelly Ann said...

one of my favorite things to do at Christmas is unwrap each ornament...brings back floods of memories...