Saturday, January 30, 2010

helping haiti

for the past few weeks my friends over at the fat quarter shop have been hosting an online auction to support haiti relief. i was hesitant to participate at first. it just didn't feel quite right that i may end up with a beautiful quilt while knowing so many abandoned and scared little children were suffering. yet the need is so great and i applaud the efforts of kimberly and kevin trying to help. so today i was notified that i am the lucky owner of...

...this delightful dora s'mores baby quilt. my daughter and i are both girl scout alums, so we have been indulging in s'mores for many years. ohh and i so love the charming mocha swirl backing...

...we also both love every line by barb and mary for me and my sister designs. we will greatly appreciate adding this autographed quilt to our collection and will always remember the significance of receiving it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce!

Thank you so much for your generosity. I know the Red Cross will absolutely use your donation for Haiti responsibly & well. I also read your blog post and am thankful you did decide to participate!

Thank you so much, I will have your quilt sent out today!